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My passion for human interactions, relationships and counselling began with my own recovery over 20 years ago. Since then all the events in my life have culminated in a career that involves facilitating the personal growth of individuals.

It is extremely rewarding to witness the positive changes which take place in a person’s life when obstacles are removed. I believe in a holistic approach to mental health and am an advocate for positive psychology.

I have always believed the ability to lead is inextricably woven with the ability to listen and then to act. My life has been a tapestry of listening and acting, a process that I have discovered in myself through my personal recovery and something I would like you to take away from our sessions.

I firmly believe our intuition and dreams guide us towards our destinations in life. My work is to uncover the turbulence and dreams of my clients; to listen and to help, and in so doing, to enable them to act out the ideals of their lives with true commitment and integrity.