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I myself am in recovery for substance use disorder as well as an eating disorder that placed me in the experiential mode of understanding the many predicaments felt by my clients. The only way for me to move forwards was to start dealing with the traumas of my past.

With over 20 years of sobriety which I am beyond grateful for the life, I now lead. I believe that my journey in life has been strengthened only through allowing myself to face my past as well as what activates me in the present.

I know life can be hard, overwhelming, depressing and at times all of those combined. Anxiety and depression can cripple us but I am here to say you don’t have to do it alone.

I became a therapist because I am able to be empathic and believe that I would not have been able to engage in the journey we call life without continuously looking at myself and engaging in a therapeutics process of my own.

I feel it’s a privilege to be given the opportunity and trust to be part of someone’s journey.